Team Kool Kidzz

My kid LOVES Kool Kidzz. For him to be begging to go each holiday camp you Kool Kidzz must be doing something right!

Jackie S

New Skills, New Friends and Lots of Fun!

We have designed Kool Kidzz with a focus on having fun, while learning new skills, making new friends and sharing new experiences.

Our high-quality day-camp deliver a reassuring peace of mind for parents and awesome entertainment for kids.

We strive to offer a safe space for children to experience activities that are both educational and exciting.

We achieve all of the above with the utmost enthusiasm and professionalism.

A Festival of Experiences.

We are team Kool Kidzz. An experienced and qualified bunch of Educators, we aim to provide the highest quality care for your child to grow and develop through a wide variety of interactive and early learning experiences!

Each teacher in our team shares unique skills and talents. These talents derive from different developmental areas and are reflected in our program. Our teachers’ skill sets range from Broadway Music, Professional Dancers, Sportsmen, Actors, Artists and Cooking talents.

Together, we bring a festival of experiences!

Team Kool Kidzz

Absolutely love it. So happy. Kind…confident…caring….efficient….professional…. value for money……educational….learning…entertaining These words come to mind.

Liza A

Estimate your out-of-pocket expense.

Our care is as low as $84 per day and we provide childcare Child Care Subsidy to reduce the price even more. Check out our fee estimator to calculate the value we provide.