We Are Team Kool Kidzz

Qualified educators aiming to provide the highest quality care for your child. We are passionate and committed to providing an environment that is fun, safe, inclusive and stimulating.


Tami Martin

Founding Director

Childcare and Teaching has always been Tami’s passion. Tami has obtained a Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Early Childhood, and Certificate 3 in micro business. She has established childcare businesses, volunteered internationally and built strong and trusting relationships throughout her career.

Having worked in the Education field for almost two decades, Tami plays an instrumental approach in leading the team to always strive for best practice. Focused on creating a space for children that promotes their interests and choices all while driving Kool Kidzz to be one of the highest quality OSHC providers.

On the floor and behind the scenes, Tami works closely with the team to ensure Kool Kidzz is well resourced and the service is always leading in innovative experiences.

Shay Bechavod

Operations Manager

Shay has an impeccable reputation for an honest and ethical approach to business. Along with his in-depth knowledge of the childcare industry, he brings many professional skills including IT, organisational, leadership and communication skills and a strong sense of responsibility.

He’s passionate about defining and fixing problems and a highly motivated individual. As an Operations Manager, Shay is overseeing the running of our expanding Kool Kidzz company, assuring behind-the-scenes operation runs like a well-oiled machine. His knowledge and expertise are vital to the success of our OSHC services.


Holly Sheils


Holly plays a vital role in ensuring the continuity of the daily program is operating at its best. She has an eye for detail and manages the day to day service compliances effortlessly. Holly has robust confidence and is a vocal team leader. She is also a professional dancer and performer.

Mickey Polon


Mickey is a qualified teacher and holds the fort of management with her array of youth leadership and experience. Her loving nature and knowledge in education reflects in her teachings practices and ensures being sustainable at the same time. She is also a theatrical performer.

Nicole Rotenstein

Responsible person 

Nicole is a qualified sports physio and has a gifted approach when working with children with additional needs. She has a natural infinite when managing the floor and has a passion for teaching. She is a dancer, singer and loves horses.

Catherine Reid


Catherine is a super mum and creative arts and drama qualified teacher. Having worked in the industry for many years she comes with a wealth of experience. She has the ability to pick up service processes at a fast rate and perform with such professionalism.

Anna Jaques

Responsible person 

Anna is a force of nature. She is super creative and always thinks outside the box. You can throw any obstacle at her and she will come back with solutions. She is a professional dancer and choreographer. Having created the boy band justice crew and won “So you think you can dance” competition.

Tina Broussos

Responsible person

Tina is a multi-talented educator, she is full of zest, happiness and joy. Her professional and dedicated presence at the service has proven the ability to manage the floor with expertise. Tina is a cheerleader, dancer and sporting talent. She is studying Bachelor of teaching.

Racheal Cook

Team Leader

Rachael is a fun free-spirited dance, sport and drama teacher. She is a qualified teacher and holds many skills that lead her array of talents. She is full of energy, determination and passion for education which is evident in her teaching methods.

Laura Wiggins


Laura is a qualified teacher and has exceptional organisational skills. Her logistical backgrounds set a quality standard in the way she conducts her lessons and ability to manage a safe, fun and well-presented workplace for one and all.

Taylor Cable


    Taylor is a qualified teacher and has a wonderful way with children through her countless drama games, ability to get on their level and relate to each child’s strengths and improve on their weaknesses by her many talents. Taylor is a musician, singer, song writer and entertainer.

    Jacob Martin


    Jacob is a creative drama and art teacher having worked at the service from day dot he shares a real passion for teaching. His fun and moving approach to teaching engage the children to want to take part in every activity. Jacob is an innovator and camp inspiration.

    Alice Caulfield


    Alice is a yoga teacher and has a strong passion for nature and nurture. She is an animal advocate and always shares her wisdom and knowledge about the environment and the world around us. She has a beautiful and peaceful aura that shines. 

    Leah Aharon


    Leah is a youth leader having come from a youth movement background she has a great deal of passion for teaching. She is empathetic and has wonderfully creative ideas to share and encourage children to all get involved. She is studying civil engineering at UTS.