Our Philosophy

We Believe…

Children are the future of our world and they need all the support, care and guidance to help them learn and develop. The quality of care young children receive, their learning experiences and their relationships in their first years of life are critical in shaping their future.

Learning is a physiological activity, which involves the whole body. Children learn best by doing, and active teaching encourages active learning.

We strive to provide a variety of developmental activities within an enriching environment to embrace exploration, discovery, and experiential learning.

We believe that learning is better when children are engaged and curious. This is why the children’s interests are the foundation of our programs.

We aim to extend the interest of every child by providing high-quality programs that are challenging, fun and exciting! When children engage in activities that interest them, they are more likely to remember what they have learnt! This leaves them wanting to learn more.

We recognize the importance of social-emotional learning and non-cognitive skill development. Learning interaction and co-operation with peers is also vital, not just for learning, but also for life. Children are encouraged to contribute to the program. This ensures that their ‘voice’ is heard and each child is noticed for their individualism.

The programs and activities are influenced by the Steiner philosophy. We have embraced this philosophy, but have added a 21st-century twist. We explore new-age resources and equipment, the arts, music and movement, cooking classes, physical education and drama activities.