Our Local Community Incursions

Building connections and relationships with people in our community.

Drum Circle Events

Music has the power to transform, inspire, move and motivate us both as individuals and groups. This is because we all strongly identify with music. It is a shaping force in our world.

Interactive drumming is a fantastic tool increasingly being used in the business environment to develop unity in the workplace. For centuries people have used drumming to release stress, raise their spirits, enhance clarity and focus, and develop a culture of co-operation and community.

We illustrate that in the same way as music is structured, so too is an organization – each individual and department plays a specific role within the company for its effective and successful functioning. Communicating with each other allows music to be created!

Included in our team are some of the top drummers and musicians in the world, that add energy to your conference, teambuilding event, celebration or special event, incentive programs, product launch and training or leadership programs.

For Corporate Entertainment, Awards Dinners and all kinds of meetings – Drum Circle Events energisers companies and their staff all across Australia.

We also run social, community and school events.

General Enquiries:
[email protected]
Head Office:
+61 (0)2 9130 6820


Learn and Have Fun At Kick It Kindies Children’s Soccer School

Founders Neil and Brian, both ex-professional soccer players are passionate about introducing the sport they love to kids in the local area.  Kick It Kindies is a fun, engaging and supportive environment for your child to learn and develop the basics of the world’s most popular sport.

Our sessions offer your child a high energy, action packed hour filled with inclusive games and an opportunity to develop new skills.  We promise lots of goals scored and memories that will last a lifetime.


Ranger Jamie Tours is Australia’s largest primary school excursion company who has now branched out and created exclusive excursions and incursions for vacation care centres across Sydney and beyond! Our passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic team believe in delivering engaging, hands-on, quality experiences to all students. We strive to inspire the future generation by revolutionising science, history and geography through engaging education.

Are you looking for unique, high energy, engaging and educational incursions and excursions for your students!?
Ranger Jamie Tours has you covered! From science explosions, nature adventures, cultural experiences, billy cart racing, slime making.. we have a program for you!
Taking bookings now for 2021.

For full day outlines and activities on offer, visit their website.

🏼Website: www.rangerjamie.com.au
🏼Email: [email protected]
🏼Call Ranger Jamie direct on 0432 851 575
🏼Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rangerjamietours/?hl=en
🏼Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rangerjamietours/

Old Macdonald’s Travelling Farms – Sydney North

Old Macdonald’s Travelling farms, (Est as a Franchise Business in 1991), operates throughout Australia ‘bringing the bush to the City every day with excitement and education for the young, and nostalgia for the not so young!’

We provide a friendly and professional service, together with healthy and clean animals, a feature which has been a strength of the business over the 25 years.

Old Macdonalds Farm will be bringing approximately 20 -30 small baby farm animals with which the children will be able to interact, hand feed/bottle feed and groom.

Animals are a combination of either a Piglet, Goat Kids, Sheep Lambs, Ducks, Bantam Chicken, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits, (duckings and chicks if available)

All animals are wormed and vaccinated and are in excellent health.

Each session is designed to allow animals and children complete freedom to mingle, therefore giving children the ability to handle and feed a variety of animal.

Education resources supplied by Old Macdonald’s Farms complements and integrates the experience into the centres daily curriculum.

Michelle Klass

Ph: 0422 966 622

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.oldmacfarms.com.au


12-day Hatching Chicks Delivered Programs

The Hatching Chicks program provides a hands-on opportunity to learn about the life cycle of chickens from a fertilised egg to a hatchling. The program also provides information about the stages of growth that a chick goes through to become an adult bird, as well as how to manage and care for a healthy and happy chicken. This unique experience is perfect for use at home with the family, in schools and childcare settings, and in aged care facilities. All equipment is provided. The kit is delivered to your door and picked up 12 days later after the chicks have hatched and grown their feathers!

Check out the website for more details and book now for an incredible experience you don’t want to miss.

Website – https://hatchingchicks.com.au/

Email – [email protected]