Our Local Community Incursions

Building connections and relationships with people in our community.

Tales for Kids with Cynthia Hartman

Cynthia Hartman is an accredited Storyteller with the NSW Australian Storytelling Guild. She is the author of Safina and the Hat Tree. Cynthia has a multicultural background and a family tradition of storytellers. She is an early childhood professional, social worker, mother and grandmother. Her energy and passion make her an amazing presenter.
Share the magic of telling stories. Perform like you’re live on stage. Stretch imaginations and capture curiosity.

Cynthia will engage the children with her colorful and extensive range of props to embellish her stories. With her hats, basket and apron filled with puppets, felt board stories and other surprises, this is an interactive performance of fun and participation.

Contact Cynthia Hartman:
[email protected]
Website: http://www.talesforkids.com.au/storytelling.htm
Mobile: 0421 607 595 

Mr Paramedic

An inspiring and motivational incursion by Mr Paramedic Student Save Lives are led by qualified first aider Educators with Pablo the Paramedic Masco to add to the fun of learning. Children will recognise an emergency, calling an ambulance, check breathing, Perform CPR, Learn the recovery position and make a fridge magnet sign with a graduation certificate on completion! 

Mr Paramedic is a one stop shop for everything first aid as We Train, We Supply, We Sell.

Contact Caleb and the Mr Paramedic Team:
*What makes us different: www.mrparamedic.com.au 
*Why book a course with us: facebook.com/mrparamedic

Discover Kids Yoga

We aim to build kids confidence and creative skills. We blend drama, yoga and mindfulness to create a program that is meaningful, fun and engaging for kids of all ages.
This program provides strategies for:

– Cultivating a calm mind and body
– Dealing with emotions effectively and becoming our best self
– Increasing focus and attention in and out of the classroom
– Improving memory and communication skills
– Growing confidence when speaking in social situations
– Enhancing creative thinking and collaborate skills

These are all important life skills to give our kids. Our workshops are run by a qualified primary school teacher, ensuring that students get the most out of their sessions.

Contact Laura Kendrick: https://www.smore.com/t9h84-discover-kids-yoga

Story Telling Show with Miriam

Story Telling Show with Miriam
Miriam has broad creative abilities encompassing acting, voice, dance, choreography, piano, poetry, children’s musical compositions and lyrics utilised in local and overseas productions from the Sydney Opera House to the deserts of Qumran and Israel.

Miriam has produced and performed six CDs of her own songs poetry and music which has been on radio program 2NBC 90.1 FM

She is a trained preschool and sub primary teacher and has gained  a BA degree in education She has run workshops for children and yoga, dance and drama.

Miriam successfully produced a ‘Dragon and a Princess’ children’s book which has been dramatised and circulated in Australia, America and Israel.

Now an audio CD ‘Eli the Elephant  and Mango the Tiger’ with accompanying jungle song ‘Elephant Samba, Tiger Tango’ for children to listen, sing, dance and dramatise.”

Contact Miriam: 0414974014