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Waverley College

Monday 20th – Full (waitlist)

Tuesday 21st – Full (waitlist)

Wednesday 22nd – Full (waitlist)

Thursday 23rd – Full (waitlist)

Friday 24th – Full (waitlist)

Monday 27th – Full (waitlist)

Tuesday 28th – Full (waitlist)

Wednesday – Full (waitlist)

Thursday 30th – Full (waitlist)

Friday 1st – Full (waitlist)

Masada College

Thursday 23rd – Open

Friday 24th – Open

Thursday 30th – Open

Friday 1st – Open

Enrol & Book Your Days

Please take a moment to read and have the relevant information ready.

Required Information:


    Parent details (each known parent)


    Emergency contacts (minimum two people other than parents)

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    Doctor’s details for each child

    Your bank or credit card details to set up payments

    If applicable for your child:

    • Centrelink Customer Reference Numbers (CRN) for you and your child
    • Medical documentation
    • Court Order Documents
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    If you intend to claim the Child Care Subsidy (CCS), please ensure this account is created in the name of the Parent/Guardian that has applied for CCS with Centrelink.

    TIP: View our helpful user guide before you begin! How to Enrol a New Child