Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how Kool Kidzz addresses these questions by reading answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.
I'm a new parent - how do I enrol at Kool Kidzz?

To sign up for Kool Kidzz

  1. Open or click the ‘Register’ button located on the top right corner of the website.
  2. Follow the online instructions; Part of the sign-up procedure require you to provide information for parents/guardians and their child(ren).
  3. Choose your payment option; Credit Card, Direct Debit (for gap fee payment) or Bank Transfer.
When to register?

To secure your child’s place at Kool Kidzz, we recommend you book as soon as possible as places are limited. Information on upcoming camps and programs will be posted on our website, and newsletters are sent prior to the camp for early bird notices.

Visit our website from time to time to stay tuned with news and updates!

Where is the camp held?

Randwick Tafe NSW 2-20 King St Randwick 2031, Sydney.

Is there parking onsite?

Yes, there is free parking in the Tafe car park. Please buzz the intercom for access to enter the boom gates and park your car freely when arriving and departing Kool Kidzz premises. Every Morning between 8:30am – 9:30am a Kool Kidzz Staff member will greet families on arrival and guide them to the Auditorium.

Can I sign up for individual days?

You can book a single day or multiple days, it’s up to you!  We understand that families need a flexible program that will suit their lifestyle, therefore bookings are not restricted to minimum days.

My children are 2 different ages, would they be in the same group or different groups?

If a child prefers to be with particular friends or relatives they may do so. Generally, the children are divided into age appropriate groups of 5-7, 8-10 and 11-12-year-olds and giving an opportunity to be with their peers.

My child doesn’t attend school yet - at what age can they attend?

Children must be 5 years old and/or attending school to join our program. Children that are almost 5 years old but enrolled in school for the following year may attend. The ages of attendance are Primary school ages from 5 – 12 years old.

What do I need to bring at Kool Kidzz?

To ensure your child has the best experience at Kool Kidzz, please prepare these items to bring each day in a packed bag: Lunch Box (alternatively lunch orders can be purchased on site), a water bottle, suitable clothing to get messy, hat for outdoor play, and closed shoes. Check the program online if there are any additional items you need to bring on certain days of activities.

What is Market Day?

Kool Kidzz Market day is held every Friday afternoon where children buy, swap and sell their pre-loved items from home to create a stall with friends and lots of treasured goodies! Children bring their own items from home that they don’t use anymore such as books, toys, bake cakes or cookies – ensure they are nut free. The items are brought to the service on Friday where they set up stalls consisting of riddles or guessing games, massage/hair parlors, cake stalls, bookstalls, card swapping or general toy stall. Educators conduct a Market Day meeting with the children to inform them of the activity and rules.

Kool Kidzz Dollars are given out during the week and on Friday to create a value of the items worth during Market day.

What qualifications does the staff hold?

Educators are hand picked for their ability to provide quality care when interacting with children. Their experience in the childcare field is of utmost importance, and each member of our team has a forte in facilitating specific workshops within our unique program. They must hold the required children’s services qualification(s) and medical certifications and most of all loves their job!

What type of food do you serve for Morning and Afternoon Tea ?

Morning and Afternoon Tea are provided free within our daily program.

We serve cold cut fresh oranges, 2 flavoured rice crackers and a home made muesli bikkie (nut-free). We also provide cold filtered water daily.

Is meat served at the camp ?

We only serve vegetarian food. There is no meat served at Kool Kidzz. You may pack any foods as you wish with one exception please do not send your child with any nut products.

What is in the menu ?

Kool Kidzz Canteen serves vegetarian warm and nutritious meals consisting of : pasta, rice, veggies, sauces, organic nachos, bagels with cheese and/or vegemite. There is also light and healthy snacks. Parents can purchase a pre made lunch orders on arrival to the service.

Can I contact the service directly?

You may contact the service directly, please obtain the centre’s direct number from reception.

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