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Estimate your out-of-pocket

The estimator can help you calculate you’re out of-pocket child care costs after applying Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR). Where a parent/guardian qualifies for CCB and/or CCR, the fee charged is based on the gap fee due (this is the amount left owing by the parent/guardian taking into consideration the anticipated CCB rebate).

The estimator is based on available data and formula that can be found in the Child Care Service Handbook and the Child Care Benefit – summary of rate changes from July 2017. The results from using this estimator are indicative only. The estimator offers an option to add your CCB% based on information you provide. If any information is incorrect, the estimate will also be incorrect.  if you are not sure what your CCB percentage you can use this guide to estimate what you might be entitled to.

Calculator could produce inaccurate results in some cases, for example, the calculator does not take into account

  • If you are repaying any money to Centrelink.
  • If you are paid under a Social Security Agreement.
  • If you are overseas.

Learn more about Child Care Benefit & Child Care Rebate, and see the payment options available for you.

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Remember, The Child Care Rebate (CCR) is NOT income tested! Most families can receive a 50% reduction in their fees.

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