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I request and approve of my child involvement in the Kool Kidzz Vacation Care programs.

I agree to disclose all relevant information about my child in the Enrolment Application. The information I have provided on this form is true and correct and I undertake to immediately inform the service in the event of any changes to this information.

Signing In & Out

  • I understand that it is necessary to personally sign children in & out as required for the various care sessions. If any person apart from those listed on the enrolment form is to collect and sign out my child, I agree to notify the service in advance and in writing to this effect.
  • I understand that Kool Kidzz staff do not supervise my child until they are signed into the service.
  • I understand that Kool Kidzz staff do not supervise my child after they have been signed out of the service by a parent/guardian/authorised person.

Medical Conditions

  • I authorise all Kool Kidzz and Randwick Tafe staff, in the event of accident or illness, to obtain all necessary medical assistance and treatment for my child including dental treatment and agree to meet any expenses attached to such treatment.
  • I give permission for all Kool Kidzz and Randwick Tafe staff to administer appropriate medical attention and first aid for my child in an emergency.
  • I understand that I must provide my own Epipen at the Kool Kidzz service if my child has a medical action plan that requires an Epipen to be administered.
  • I acknowledge that my child will not attend the program if suffering from an infectious or contagious disease.
  • I agree to make arrangements for the collection of the child referred to in this Enrolment form if he/she becomes unwell at the service.
  • I aware that some children attending Kool Kidzz are highly allergic to nuts and nut products, and agree not to supply my child/children with any item containing nuts.
  • I agree and understand the following: All medication must be in the original medication container with my child name and correct dosage‚ this includes over the counter medication (e.g. Paracetamol). I must include a medical practitioner letter or pharmacist printed instructions for prescribed medication. I must include written permission to administer over the counter medication (e.g. Paracetamol).All medication must be supplied by the parent/guardian, this includes over the counter medication.
  • I authorise staff to apply sunscreen to my child if I do not provide such, unless requested otherwise on the Enrollment Form.

In order to maintain appropriate standards of health and safety, children with certain medical or physical conditions may not be allowed to participate in some activities. In such cases we will always provide alternative activities.

If full information regarding the medical, physical and behavioural conditions not provided at the time of booking it may result in the child being excluded from certain activities. In such circumstances we have the right to cancel the booking and no refund will be paid. All information given will be treated in complete confidence.


  • Nuts or foods containing nuts are strictly prohibited from our program.
  • Children shall not be allowed to share food due to allergies, etc. But if such sharing occurs Kool Kidzz and staff shall not be responsible for any illness, allergy which may result thereform.

Court Orders

  • I understand that management and/or staff cannot enforce Family Court Orders or Domestic Violence Orders by law.


  • Kool Kidzz does not accept any liability for personal injury, property damage, personal items (such as spectacles, jewellery and electronic devices) or loss sustained by any participant as a result of his or her participation in the Vacation Care Program.
  • All items found will be placed in to the lost and found designated area at camp. If no claim is made by a family the belongings will be donated to charity.

Behaviour management guidelines

  • I agree and understand that my child must follow behaviour management guidelines as outlined in the Kool kidzz Handbook whilst participating in the program. I agree and understand that any breaches of our behavioural management policies may result in exclusion from activities or the program upon immediate notification from the service, and that fees will still apply.

Payment, Fees & Cancellations

  • Payment is required in advance prior to the commencement of Kool Kidzz Vacation Care. Bookings will not be confirmed unless payment has been received.
  • I agree to pay for all of the days my child is successfully booked in (and not cancelled within the relevant time frame), regardless of whether my child actually attends. Cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled date of attendance. Otherwise full fees apply. Cancellations received before 24 hours will receive a credit (make up day) to the value of the day/s.
  • Refunds or credits are not issued in the case of illness.
  • Kool Kidzz will only consider special requests for refunds on compassionate grounds, if made in writing (email acceptable) within 7 days of the absence. Kool Kidzz is under no obligation to refund or credit families for any session a child did not attend when booked.
  • I understand that I will incur a late collection fee if I collect my child after the scheduled finishing time. Please refer to the fee schedule.
  • I understand that a failed transaction fee may apply for each rejected or failed Direct Debit transaction in a billing period. Please refer to the fee schedule.
  • I agree to pay any relevant additional charges including, but not limited to, late fees.

Changing Weeks/Days

  • Booking dates can be changed provided we have the necessary available spaces upon your request.

Additional Needs

  • I understand that children with additional needs must be booked into a Vacation Care service more than two weeks in advance to ensure funding and additional staffing needs can be met. Children with additional needs not booked within the relevant time period may not be able to use the nominated service.


  • I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure all Child Care Benefit requirements are fulfilled and if I fail to do so I will be responsible for paying full fees.
  • I understand that I must link my child to the service, provide my date of birth and provide family and child Customer Reference Numbers.
  • I am responsible for communicating this information to Centrelink.

Photography/Video footage & Observations

  • I give permission for staff and students to observe my child to assist in developing active communicated programs.
  • I give permission for my child name and/or photograph to be used for promotional purposes and service displays.(Please inform the service if children cannot be photographed).


  • I give permission for Kool Kidzz to use the email address provided to contact me regarding account issues and keep me updated with service newsletters and information and to provide me with statements electronically.
  • I understand that confirmation of Enrolment will be sent via email from Kool Kidzz.
  • I understand that my child can attend the Kool Kidzz service only after I receive confirmation of Enrolment.

Child Protection

  • Kool Kidzz staff have a responsibility to make a report to the appropriate authorities if they suspect a child in their care may be suffering from abuse, or if a child makes a disclosure about abuse in this event staff will contact The Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and act on their advice.


  • I understand that Kool Kidzz reserves the right to amend Terms and Conditions which will be published on the Kool Kidzz website.
  • Kool Kidzz reserves the right to change the date, time, fees or the itinerary of the program.

Fee schedule:

  • Enrolment fees: $76 Short day $82 Long Day

(Fees increase by $5 a day for late bookings made after the due date – as advertised)

  • Transaction fees: Direct Debit 0.79 Cent, 1.6 % surcharge will apply for credit card payments

(Transaction fees may not be reflected in displayed price)

  • Late collection fee: $1 per minute per child will apply for any collection after 5 pm.
  • Failed transaction/dishonour fee: $4 for each rejected or failed Direct Debit transaction in a billing period.

I have read and understood the Kool Kidzz Terms & Conditions which outline the payment of fees and agree to abide by them. I acknowledge that I aware that the Kool kidzz handbook is available at the service and agree to abide by the rules, policies and procedures.

Kool Kidzz ABN 80 614 449 179