Food & Canteen

A vital part of the day is eating, getting hydrated and recharging our batteries with our three most important meal breaks, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


Parents are required to provide a healthy and nutritious lunch, as well as snacks. We strongly recommend that this lunch covers all five food groups and that there is enough to get through the day in order to assist your child in becoming involved in the high energy program.


Morning & Afternoon Tea

Morning and afternoon tea is provided every day and includes freshly cut seasonal fruits, corn thins and milk biscuits.


Nuts or food containing nuts are strictly prohibited from our program.

Sharing Food

Children are not allowed to share food due to allergies and dietary requirements.


Kool Kidzz canteen offers a range of snacks that can be purchased by the children on the day. Please see our canteen menu below.

Waverley College

Morning & Afternoon Tea (Provided):
Seasonal fruit, corn thins and biscuits.

Canteen Snacks:

  • Pretzels – $2.00
  • Popcorn (KA) – $1.00
  • Fruit Cup – $2.00
  • Ice block – $1.00
  • Mini Jelly cup – $50c
  • Vege Chips (KA, GF) – $2.00
  • Thins Original (KA) – $2.00
  • Mixed brand chips – $2.00
Masada College

Morning & Afternoon Tea Provided:

Seasonal fruit, Real foods corn thins original and Man Snacks Wafers

Canteen Snacks:

  • Parker Pretzels – $2.50
  • Cool Pak Popcorn Original – $2.50
  • Thins Original Potato Chips – $2.50
  • Vege Chips – $2.50