Children may be on prescribed medications, either for a short term, or long term basis. It is essential that both the parents and staff follow procedures at all times to ensure medication is given properly.

Staff will only administer medication that has been prescribed by a medical practitioner. All medications must be clearly labelled with the child’s name, date of expiry and in their original packaging. Parents must complete a ‘Medication Authorisation Form’ for each child using the service, who requires medication.

Medication must be provided by the child’s parents including the following:

  • Original container. Medication will only be administered from the original container.
  • Original label that is clearly readable.
  • Child’s name clearly on the label.
  • Any instructions attached to the medication or related to the use of the medication.
  • Any verbal or written instructions provided by the child’s registered medical practitioner.
  • Medication Authorisation Form’ is to be filled out and signed.

Any individual delivering a child to the service must not leave medications in the child’s bag. Medication must be given directly to an educator for appropriate storage upon arrival.